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Simply Human Series

Terry Murray’s Simply Human Series evolved out of a fascination with weathered and found objects, especially wood, and a need to create art that was evocative and spoke to just about anyone. This series explores what it means to be fully human in a community; to foster conversations, spark ideas and evoke possibilities. It’s about being open and open-minded—not making a statement, but creating a flow of dialogue.

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Simply Saints

Terry’s Simply Saints series began with the gift of antique wooden organ pipes from Saint John’s Episcopal Church in Cornwall, New York. The figure of Saint John that emerged from one of these beautifully crafted pipes, and the process of trying to capture a saint’s essence, have inspired this series. Trips to Ireland, Spain and Mexico, and an immersion in these rich cultures, have informed the creation of this special collection.

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Art to Purchase

Terry’s work is currently featured at the River Winds Gallery at 172 Main Street in Beacon New York. If you are in the area, stop in and enjoy this welcoming, vibrant gallery. Or, if you are interested in purchasing one of Terry’s pieces, contact him directly.

These figures are every person, they are us. This evolving community of evocative figures explores the richness and complexity of the human condition with all its inherent contradictions. The reclaimed, recycled wood and found objects used add substance and mystery to their stories. They are intentionally archetypal and metaphorical; they offer an invitation to reflect, interact, discuss, learn and grow. I invite you to join them on the pilgrim’s path.
– Terry Murray