Inspirations – Mindfulness

Creative Pilgrim is inspired by my many influences, practices and experiences. I bring together a state of mind and cultural forces that put me – and you – on the path to creativity and learning.


During the intensity of earning my doctorate, I was out of balance. My mind was sharp and focused, but I had neglected my body, emotions, and spirit. My remedy was yoga and meditation. After many years of steady practice, my body was stronger, my spirit resurfaced, and my creative floodgates opened. Over the past 15 years, I have maintained this mindful approach to life and work. I am more awake and present, more curious and creative. This attitude has enriched my teaching as I invite others to be more present, to engage with themselves and the world mindfully.

“Art can wake us up from the dream we normally live in. Art can draw us into the present moment, and true art does this without having to try too hard. It does this by simply existing.”
– Laura Consantinescu