Inspirations – Learning Through Experience

Creative Pilgrim is inspired by my many influences, practices and experiences. I bring together a state of mind and cultural forces that put me – and you – on the path to creativity and learning.

Learning Through Experience

I have learned that we learn best though our experiences, through active engagement in the world. The philosopher, author and educational reformer John Dewey deepened my understanding of this discovery. As an art teacher, a YMCA camp director, a staff developer and consultant, and a college professor, I have always found that people learn best when they are fully involved in meaningful exploration with ideas, feelings, and materials. Whether I am teaching, sharing my artwork, or engaging people in creative processes, I want them to learn through their direct experiences, not just with their mind.

“Give pupils something to do, not something to learn. The doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.”
– John Dewey