Inspirations – Exploring the World

Creative Pilgrim is inspired by my many influences, practices and experiences. I bring together a state of mind and cultural forces that put me – and you – on the path to creativity and learning.


Exploring the World and Its Diverse Cultures

I am of Irish decent and feel my deep Celtic roots in my love of knowledge, my need to create, and my affinity for the natural world. I relish diverse cultures. I am a world traveler, enriched by immersion in the rich cultures of Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. All this exploration informs my teaching and my artistic work, and continues my world journey as I encourage others to step onto the path and explore the broader world in all its diversity.

“Keep your language. Love its sounds, its modulations, its rhythms. But try to march together with people with different languages and cultures, remote from your own, who wish, just like you, for a more just and humane world.”
– Helder Camara