Guest Blog – Arthur Mitchell on Saint Michael the Archangel

Introductory comments by Terry Murray

Recently, I was commissioned to create a figure of Saint Michael as a gift for beloved Cornwall teacher and spiritual leader Arthur Mitchell. I asked Arthur to share his reflections on this Saint and my work. Here is his response:

“I have always resonated to Michael’s energy. He is a protector and a warrior spirit. My last name, Mitchell, is a Scottish version of Michael. When I first saw your sculpture, it gave me a start. There was a feeling in my solar plexus and heart chakra, a feeling of power, of light over  dark, of truth over illusion. The sword and shield bring back the memory of my many past lives as a warrior. You have Michael standing with the devil beneath his feet, conquered. At times I feel like there is just overwhelming dark in the world, but that imagery kindled my warrior fire again. When you said that you stayed connected to my spirit as you made this angel, I thought, “Wow he really connected with me and nailed it!” Again, just looking at this sculpture, my solar plexus and heart chakras merge as one. I am a soldier for God, Michael is my General. I AM ready for his orders!”