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Terry Murray offers a variety of workshops designed to support individual and collective journeys of exploration, reflection and expression – which are announced as they’re scheduled. Terry encourages creating art with found objects, treasured heirlooms, combinations of wood with metal, flea market finds, and more. Wherever you are on your journey, Creative Pilgrim offers a range of discoveries for adolescents and adults. Click here to inquire about workshops ahead.

Customized Journeys

Terry offers his dynamic art workshops throughout the Hudson Valley, at various art centers, facilities, galleries and educational hubs in the region. His teachings are suitable for adolescents and adults. Terry is available to work with individuals and organizations to create custom workshops and events that incorporate his unique approach to your specific needs.

Upcoming Workshops

Watch for announcements of upcoming workshops and events

“The boundaries between the different facets of my life are porous. For me, the artist is present as I teach; the educator emerges in my artwork, the spiritual pilgrim is ever present. Creating sculptural pieces provides powerful tools for fostering self and social awareness. As catalysts for reflection and dialog, they explore human identity and interaction, and the challenging world we live in.”
—Terry Murray